Removing and Installing an Overlay Keypad on your Fitness Equipment

The buttons you use on your display console are the overlay keypad assembly.

The overlay is the graphics label that has names and numbers. For example Level Up, Level Down, +/-, Elevation Up or Elevation Down, and Numbers Keys 0-9.

The keypad is behind the overlay graphics label. It holds the conductors that complete the circuit when a button is pushed.

The overlay keypad is a sticker in application. Either they are one unit or they are two separate stickers, in which case, one applies over the other.

Read on to learn about how to remove and or install an overlay keypad.

 Tech Tip

Once the backing is removed from the new overlay keypad, the warranty is voided. Do not remove the backing without first performing testing. You can simply connect the new overlay keypad ribbon cable(s) to your display electronics and test it before installation. If the problem remains the same as with the original part the overlay keypad will not fix the issue.

Now that testing is complete follow these steps to remove & install the new overlay keypad:


  • Disconnect power from the machine
  • To remove an overlay keypad, you will want to first disconnect the ribbon cable of the overlay keypad from the display electronics
  • If necessary, route the ribbon cable(s) through the slot in the display housing
  • Now you can begin to peel off the existing overlay keypad. Be sure to remove all the old glue and glue residue from the display housing that the overlay keypad was applied
    • It may be necessary to use rubbing alcohol to remove any glue or residue. If so, remove the bezel that holds the overlay keypad from the display housing completely to ensure no liquids can contaminate the electronic boards inside the display housing
  • Make certain that the surface where the old overlay keypad was removed is perfectly clean and smooth


When handling and installing the new overlay keypad be cautious of bending it too far. Any creases or breaks in the thin layers of conductors will result in a damaged keypad and/or malfunction. Damage will void the warranty.


  • Before peeling off the paper backing to begin installation take the opportunity to lay the keypad in place to verify its fitment and learn how to orientate the ribbon cables
  • Carefully peel off the backing and gently lay the overlay keypad (or keypad first if yours is two pieces) into place routing the ribbon cables through any necessary holes or holders
  • If needed you should be able to adjust the piece for proper fitment
  • Rub the keypad (or overlay keypad) firmly in all areas except on the actual buttons to secure it in place
    • Do not touch the actual buttons during this process
  • If your assembly came as two pieces repeat the process with the overlay; taking care of proper alignment
    • Remember to stay clear of the actual buttons and do not press buttons during this process
  • Plug in the ribbon cable(s)
  • Complete the assembly of the display housing
  • Connect power and re-test functionality
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