Schwinn Airdyne AD6, Speed Displayed on Console is Wrong or Not Accurate

Does your Schwinn AD6 console have the wrong speed displayed? Do you feel like the speed shown on the console is not accurate?

Read more about the cause and how to fix the speed display issue.

If your speed displayed on your Schwinn Airdyne AD6 console is not accurate, this is because the units setting is not correct for your needs. The console has the option for English (MPH) and Metric (KPH) units of measure. If you feel the speed is wrong or not accurate, then you need to change the unit of measurement for your bike.

To change the units of measurement for your bike, you will have to access the console service mode.

  1. From an 'idle' state on the console, press and hold down together the Increase and Decrease buttons. Hold for 3 seconds to access Console Service Mode.
  2. The console will show the Units prompt ("Unit"). Push Start/Stop to select "Unit" option. Push the Increase or Decrease buttons to change between "M" (English units) and "KM" (metric units).
  3. Push Start/Stop to set your selection.
  4. Push Start/Stop to exit.
  5. To fully exit console service mode, press and hold down Start/Stop button for 3 seconds.

Note: Once in console service mode, if the console does not receive any input (no buttons pressed) after approx. 5 minutes, the console goes into Sleep Mode.


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