Schwinn Airdyne AD6, Console Stuck in Pause Mode

Does your Schwinn AD6 Airdyne bike console seem to be stuck in Pause mode?

Pause mode automatically happens when you stop pedaling during a workout. The console pauses after no RPM signal for 5 seconds.

While paused, the console will flash through the current values of Time, Avg Speed, Distance, Watts, and Calories.

If you feel that your Schwinn AD6 console is stuck in Pause mode, read more to learn the possible causes and how to fix the issue.


Possible Causes:

  • Computer Cable
  • Cable Connections and Orientation
  • Magnet for Speed Sensor
  • Speed Sensor

Possible Fixes:

  • Computer Cable - Inspect the cable. All wires should be intact. Ensure no crimps, cuts, or physical damage to the cable. Replace cable if necessary.
  • Cable Connection and Orientation - Inspect to make sure cable is in proper orientation and makes a secure connection. The small latch on the connector should line up and snap into place.
  • Magnet for Speed Sensor - Inspect for the magnet to be in place on the crank pulley. Shrouds will need be removed for this inspection. Magnet in the crank pulley is visible from the user's right side.
  • Speed Sensor - The speed sensor bracket should be aligned with the magnet on the fan and connected to the computer cable. Realign the sensor if necessary. The spacing should be about 1/8". Replace the speed sensor if any damage to the sensor or the connecting wire.
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