Concept 2 Indoor Rower, What Model Do I Have?

There are various models of the Concept2 indoor rowers. Many folks find themselves asking 'What Model Do I Have?'

The fan type and how it is mounted is a way to determine between models such as Dynamic and Models A, B, and C rowers.

Where the serial# is located helps narrow it down between models C, D, and E.

Now you've found the serial# so you will also know what model you have.

Here are some examples of what the Dynamic rower and Models A through E look like. The examples also show where the serial#s can be found.




Concept2-ModelA.jpg                                                        Concept2-ModelB.jpg

    Concept2-ModelC.jpg                                                     Concept2-ModelD.jpg     Concept2-ModelE.jpg

We hope you find this helpful in identifying what model Concept2 rower you own.

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