Treadmill Belt Lubricant

Treadmill belt lubricant prevents friction. It prevents friction between the belt and the walking surface it moves over.

Some treadmills have a wood walking deck surface. The wood requires hard wax that you must iron on. Machines with a wood deck can also use an added 'dri-film' spray lubricant.

Today most treadmills come with a phenolic walking deck surface. This is a pressed fiber material with a coated surface. Phenolic decks use either a powder wax or a liquid silicone lubricant.

  Tech Tip

It is not recommended to mix lubricants. Use the lubricant type that has been used on the machine. Wait until you are replacing the belt and deck to change the type of lubricant used. Ensure your lubricant choice is ideal for your deck and belt.

There are many factors that affect how often one should lubricate a treadmill belt. Factors include miles/usage, cleanliness of the machine, environment, and humidity.

You may need to lubricate every 1000 hours or 1500 miles of use, whichever comes first.

If you need lubricant for your treadmill belt and or deck, we can help.

For the phenolic deck walking surfaces, Sportsmith offers both powder and liquid lubricant.

If you have a wood deck, Sportsmith offers the dri-film spray.

Shop Equipment Maintenance items like Treadmill Deck Wax for your service needs.

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