Cybex 525T, Lower Control Boards

The Cybex 525T treadmills have lower control boards for use on 110v machines or 220v machines.

The treadmill voltage determines which board is the proper replacement.

110v Standard Lower Controller

  • AD-22395, This is standard board for 110v machines. Board is without Power Factor Correction (Non-PFC).

110v Lower Controller with PFC (required by Gym Source)

  • AD-23914, This is board with Power Factor Correction (PFC) - allows the treadmill to use the incoming power more efficiently; allowing more available power at higher speeds.
  • PFC stands for Power Factor Correction, where it changes the wave shape of current drawn by a load to improve the stability of the circuit. Non-PFC would be a fixed wave shape.

220v Lower Controller

  • AD-23915, This is board for 220v machines.

  Additional Details

  • In some cases, if the facility power is inadequate or poor quality, a 525T with a PFC controller may register error 95, 98, and 103 more readily. (An example of inadequate or poor quality power is noise from an onsite generator.) The PFC controller, AD-23914, is sometimes replaced wit ha Non-PFC contoller, AD-22395, in this scenario. The Non-PFC board can ignore small discrepancies in power input and still function properly.
  • If the Cybex 525T trips the circuit breaker, this may be due to the lower controller board as well. The treadmill may need a PFC controller, AD-23914, to prevent the circuit breaker from tripping. NOTE: A worn belt/deck can also cause a circuit breaker to trip. You will need to confirm miles and hours while troubleshooting to determine root cause.



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