StarTrac Elliptical Edge EE4600, Service Messages


The self-test function of the Elliptical Edge EE4600 by StarTrac monitors the electronics while a workout is in progress.

If a malfunction or failure in a monitored circuit occurs during a workout, the "Needs Service" message displays and a specific service message* is set.

*Service message can be accessed and viewed from the Service Settings Mode. Click here to read more about Service Settings Mode.

Below are the service messages that may be set by the self-test function:

Message Definition
No Communication A communication failure has occurred between the upper display and the Load Control Board (LCB). Communications cable or LCB replacement may be required.
No Alternator Output The alternator is not producing an output voltage (the unit will not provide a load/workout to the user). Alternator, load resistor or alternator cable harness replacement may be required. Inspect cables and connections.
Alternator Field Open The alternator field has an open circuit. Alternator, alternator cable harness or LCB replacement may be required.
No Load The alternator is working, but the unit is not providing a load (workout) to the user. Alternator cable harness or LCB replacement may be required.
Low Battery The battery charge voltage is low. This may be a result of low usage. The battery can be recharged by connecting the external wall-powered power pack and operating the machine for several hours; Or leaving the machine idle, the recharging of the battery will take 24 hours to reach full charge.

NOTE: If the "Low Battery" message is set frequently, battery replacement or charging system service may be required. The charging system may have a fault.
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