Cable Inspection for Home Gyms and Strength Weight Machines

Learn what to be looking for when you inspect the cable on your home gym and strength weight machines.

Worn cables need replaced immediately. It is a danger to yourself and others for the machine to be in use if the cable is showing signs of wear.

Look at the cable hardware as part of your cable inspection. Inspect your carabiner clip. Replace your clip if it has wear, damage or is broken.
Inspect the fitting on the end of your cable where the carabiner clip attaches. Make sure there are no frayed wires. Replace the cable if there is any fraying of the wires.

Your cable is wire rope coated in a material to help extend its life by protecting the wire rope from the elements. A good cable requires a smooth consistent coating throughout the length of the cable.


Good Condition                 Bad -Twisted Coating             Bad - Bulge in Coating

As the cable wears, it can fray or unravel below the coating. This wear can cause twists, waves, or lumps to form in the cable. If such a condition exists, replace the cable.

The coating of the cable can become split, cracked, or torn. Worn cables can stretch and no longer have proper tension. These are other indicators to replace the cable.

During cable removal, note the routing of the cable and the condition of the pulleys. You may find issues with the cable routing or the pulleys.

A worn, damaged, or broken pulley can affect the condition of your cable. Improper cable routing can also impact the condition of your cable.

Did you find a worn or damaged cable on your strength machine? Leave us a comment and share a photo of your worn or damaged cable.

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