StarTrac Treadmills, Shorted RPM Sensors

Shorted RPM sensors are a known issue with certain StarTrac treadmill models. The RPM sensor (OEM# 560-0069) measures the revolutions per minute of the steps.

Treadmill models affected:

  • 10TRx (9-9271 and 9-9274)
  • 8TRx (9-9201, 9-9204, 9-9251, 9-9291, and 9-9294)
  • 8TR (9-9281 and 9-9284)
  • S-TRc (9-3581 and 9-3582)


  • The console may not power on

An MCB inspection needs performed. There will be no LEDs or lights lit on the board. It will appear like the MCB is not receiving any power.


  • Disconnect the RPM sensor from the MCB. Verify the LEDs of the MCB turn on and the console powers up.
  • Replace the RPM sensor.
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