Precor Error Codes for Cardio Exercise Machines

Precor uses standardized error codes across their cardio exercise machines. Cardio machines include treadmills, bikes, AMTs, steppers, and EFX ellipticals. These are codes, system generated, that identify fault conditions with the machine.

The machine has maintenance software that monitors error code event conditions. When the software finds a fault, an error code gets created and stored in the log. The monitor software also logs machine metrics like mileage (or hours), the time, drive motor current, and other values when an error occurs.

Error codes are identified with the prefix "ERR". Error codes range from 01 to 99. A small number of alpha and alphanumeric codes also exist.

Most error codes have been grouped into numeric ranges to help identify common issues. Although, this is not the case for all error codes.

  • Error 01 - 09 relate to the Upper PCA (UPCA)
  • Error 10 - 19 relate to the Lower PCA (LPCA)
  • Error 20 - 29 relate to the Drive Motor
  • Error 30 - 33 relate to Communication Between the Upper and Lower PCAs
  • Error 40 - 45 relate to Communication Between the Lower PCA and Lift System
  • Error 60 - 61 relate to Communication Between the Upper PCA and Auto Stop


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