True Fitness, Understanding a Serial Number and Serial Number Format

The serial numbers found on True Fitness machines will vary in length.  The serial numbers are alphanumeric. Which means they will contain both letters and numbers.

A serial number can be 8 to 20 characters long.

True Fitness Serial Number Format

The format of the serial# is it always begins with two digits and always ends with a letter of the alphabet.

The two digits at the beginning of the serial# indicate the year the machine was made.

The letter at the end of the serial# indicates the month the unit was made. Letters used for months are A to L. That is January to December. The letter A = January, letter B = February, letter C = March, and so on.

Some serial numbers have some characters to indicate the model of the machine.


Examples of a True Fitness Serial Number

  • 01-10213F

The example serial number is a machine made in 2001 in the month of June.

  • 17-TPS301628I

The example serial number is a machine made in 2017 in the month of September. This serial number example is from a treadmill model TPS300-17. This was a Performance 300 treadmill. The characters TPS301 are the model indicators.

Click here to learn where to find the serial number for your True Fitness exercise machine.

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