Bike Pedals, How to Remove and Replace a Pedal

Do you need to remove or install the pedals of your indoor cycle or stationary exercise bike? Sportsmith can help you with this bike repair.

Tools Needed:

  • Pedal Wrench (9/16" and 15mm)


  • Thin Open Face (9/16" and 15mm)

Most combo wrenches are too thick and can lodge between the pedal and crank arm. A thin wrench or pedal wrench is ideal. 9/16" and 15mm are the common pedal wrench sizes for almost all indoor bikes.


  1. Lock out the brake by flipping the brake lever or fully tightening the brake knob. You can also have someone hold the opposite crank arm while loosening the pedal.
  2. The left pedal has reverse threads. Left and right are determined by the user. As seated on the bike, the left is your left. The right is your right. You will need to spin the left pedal clockwise to remove it. The right pedal is a standard thread. You will need to spin it counterclockwise to remove it.
  3. Install the new pedals by hand first, then tighten them with the wrench. Most pedals are marked with a L and a R for the left and right. Keep in mind that the left pedal is a reverse thread. You will need to turn it counterclockwise to install.
  4. Tighten both pedals to 35-foot pounds.

This completes how to remove a pedal and how to install a pedal onto your exercise bike.

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