Searching Parts to Repair Your Fitness Equipment on Our Site

Finding the exact parts to fit your machine can be done in a few easy steps.

Finding the right parts for your machine begins with 'Find My Equipment' on our home page.

  1. The first drop-down is labeled 'Select Brand'. You can use this window to select the manufacturer or brand of your machine.
  2. In the second drop-down, you can 'Select Equipment Type'.
  3. The third drop-down is 'Select Model'.
  4. The fourth window is the 'Select Serial' number.

Be sure to select the serial number range to get a correct list of parts for your machine.

Are you looking at an item page because your search engine brought you to our site? You can check that the item is the right fit for your needs. Click the 'Does This Fit? Please identify your machine.' message above the picture of the item.

In the window that comes up, you will identify the manufacturer, type of machine, model, and serial number. This will tell you if the part fits your machine.


       Does Not Fit                                                         Fits   

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