Dumbbell Handles, How To Add Plates and Build Your Dumbbell

Our standard, 1" dumbbell handles allow you to customize the weight of your handles for the workout you desire. Each handle has a maximum weight. Allowing you to start with a handle max weight of 20lbs to a handle with a max weight of 160lbs.
Handles require standard weight plates with a 1" inside diameter.

The dumbbell handles come with a bolt and washer on each end of the handle. The washer is slightly larger than the handle. The bolt has a hex key for the wrench to remove and install the bolt.


Begin by removing the bolt and washer.

Insert the end of the handle shaft into the hole of the weight plate. If your weight plates have different outside diameters, most prefer the larger size closer to the handle grip. Doing this gives a tapered look to the stack on each end of the handle.

Make sure the weight plates are flush to the handle grip.

Continue stacking plates to achieve the desired weight. Be mindful of the total weight you can safely handle.

Thread the bolt back into the handle, passing through the washer and weight plate. Tighten the bolt securely using the wrench, but avoid over-tightening.

After tightening the bolts, check for any wobble in the weight plates. If they feel loose, tighten the bolts further.

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