Treadmill Belts, OEM Vs. Sportsmith Treadmill Belts

One of the differences between the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) belt and the Sportsmith belt is the price.

The Sportsmith belt is made to the same specifications as the OEM belt.

Sportsmith belts feature components that prove them the best when it comes to quality and performance.

Sportsmith belts feature a unique thread design combined with either a PVC or a thermoplastic polyurethane rubber top surface.

  • The thread design adds strength and helps reduce friction. Less friction equals less heat, which means your treadmill runs cooler.
  • This helps prolong the life of your running belt and your electronic components.

A top feature of Sportsmith belts is the non-directional, finger splice seam.

  • This means that you can install our belts in either direction.

For the above reasons, we sell more of our Sportsmith belts than OEM belts.

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