How to Use a Cotterless Crank Puller Tool


Having Trouble Removing That Stubborn Crank Arm On Your Exercise Bike? Sportsmith Can Help!

Learn from Sporsmith about a crank puller and a few steps to make using one easier.

In most cases, a crank puller is a necessary tool used to remove the crank arm from many types of exercise bikes and some ellipticals. The tool can be used on most brands of indoor cycles and stationary upright or recumbent bikes. A crank puller tool cannot be used on bikes equipped with a 1-piece crank arm.

Using the cotterless crank puller is simple and easy. Use the following steps to get the job done!

  • First, you will need to remove the plastic crank bolt cover from the crank arm to access the bolt
    • This can be done using a flat-head screwdriver or a penny from your pocket
  • Remove the crank arm bolt
    • This bolt should be standard thread
    • You will need a hex wrench or socket wrench
  • Next, thread the crank puller into the crank arm in place of the crank bolt cover
  • Thread the tool in the crank arm several threads by hand
    • It may be necessary to use a wrench to install the tool until it is snug against the crank or bottom bracket shaft

If you do not tighten the tool enough, the threads tend to strip and will ruin your tool or crank arm, if not, both.

  • Now that you have this part of the tool threaded into the crank arm, turn the handle on the tool towards the right
  • This tightens the crank arm puller against the crank or bottom bracket shaft
  • As you continue to turn the handle of the tool the crank arm pulls free from the shaft (Click here to watch a video of the tool in use)

Now with your stubborn crank arm in hand, you can move on to the next step towards completing your repair.

Thanks for your Support during our 20+ years in the business!

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