Belt Over Speed Error on LifeFitness 5500 Treadmill

Probable Cause

  1. Opto (speed) sensor is out of adjustment.
  2. An obstruction such as dirt or debris is blocking the Opto (speed) sensor signal.
  3. Opto (speed) sensor is faulty.
  4. The user is pushing the belt faster than its set speed.

Corrective Action

  1. Inspect the position of the Opto (speed) sensor. Adjust if necessary. Adjust the Opto (speed) sensor so that the speed sensor disc is centered within the Opto (speed) sensor.
  2. Inspect the Opto (speed) sensor and disc for dirt/debris buildup. Clean away any obstruction if necessary.
  3. Replace Opto (speed) sensor if necessary.
  4. Reset the unit and instruct the user on the proper use of the treadmill.
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