Press Start to Resume Error - Note Max Speed is Reduced LifeFitness 9500 Treadmill

Probable Cause

  1. User exceeding set speed for the running belt.
  2. The unit has 3000 hours or 15,000 miles (24,150 km) or more.
  3. Worn running belt and/or deck.
  4. Wax system malfunction.
  5. Insufficient power source.
  6. Improper running belt tension.
  7. Improper tension of the rear roller belt or drive belt.

Corrective Action

  1. Instruct the user on the proper use of the treadmill.
  2. Inspect belt and deck for wear and replace if necessary.
  3. Replace both running belt and deck (deck is double-sided and may be flipped if it has an unused side), and report replacements to the system.
  4. Inspect for 8" (203.2mm) to 16" (406.44mm) spray pattern.
    1. Clean wax nozzle if necessary by removing and soaking in hot water.
    2. Check for kinked hoses and replace any hoses if necessary.
    3. Inspect wax reservoir and fill if necessary.
    4. Inspect the wax bag for leaks and replace the bag if necessary.
    5. Inspect wax reservoir for any contamination, and replace if necessary.
    6. Test wax system through manual mode by pressing the START key once. Then press the CLEAR key twice. Then press keys 9, 1, 9, and ENTER.
      1. Access the wax test by turning "ON" the FIT TEST.
        1. FIT TEST is "ON" when LED is lit on the FIT TEST program key.
      2. Once FIT TEST is "ON", press ENTER to manually wax the unit.
      3. Press CLEAR to exit.
  5. Ensure treadmill is connected to a dedicated 120V, 20 amp circuit.
  6. Test running belt tension by performing a stall test. The most popular speed for this test is 2mph to 3mph.
    1. Try to slow the belt by applying pressure with your foot against the belt movement while grasping the handrails.
      1. If the running belt slows, slips, or stops (and the front roller does not) adjust the tensioning bolt, located behind the user's right front frame cap, 1/4 turn clockwise (not to exceed a full turn).
        1. Test again and repeat adjustment if necessary.
      2. Also, inspect the running belt and deck for excessive wear. Replace if necessary.
  7. Retension the rear roller belt or drive belt as necessary.
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