Notify Maintenance Motor Controller Error for LifeFitness Next Gen Treadmills

Probable Cause

  1. Motor Controller

Corrective Action

  1. Enter Diagnostics and enter Controller Errors Mode.
    1. See what current errors are listed that caused the error:
      1. "Max Temperature Trip"
      2. "Maximum Voltage Trip"
      3. "Fault Line 1 Error"
    2. If any exist, replace the Motor Controller.
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  • Hi, 

    I have a Life Fitness treadmill 90T, it shows the following error, and do not know how to fix. 

    “Notify maintenance motor controller error (thermal shutdown)” 

    Please help!


  • How was the machine's performance before this error? Have you looked through the error logs to see what other instances have occurred? What is the state of belt/deck lubrication? What is the state of the belt/deck condition?
    Please be with the machine and contact our support for further assistance if required.


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