Precor Error Code 24

Error Description

Error 24, Reduce Speed Requested, Speed is not Reducing - Indicates a command from the speed control system to slow down however the response from the speed sensing system indicates the unit has not slowed speed.  The error generally appears when the physical speed is greater than the speed being requested from either manual or program control.

Probable Cause

  1. The user (especially a heavier user) has the speed set relatively slow and is at a high incline.  Under these conditions, some units will operate at a speed slightly higher than the set speed due to the combination of very low friction between the deck and running belt and the downward force of the user's weight.
  2. Faulty lower PCA.

Corrective Action

  1. Inform the user the error can occur under low speed and high incline conditions.  Make them aware the unit's speed control system must test for an over-speed condition.  The system test and error are for the user's protection. 
  2. A common lower PCA failure mode creating the error makes the drive motor start immediately upon power-up (with no manual or program start request).  Meaning when the power switch to the treadmill is flipped to the on position, the drive motor engages and begins running without any command from the user through the display.  If this occurs, replace the lower PCA.
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