Precor Error 46 (AMT12 Only), Low Battery Voltage

Probable Cause

  1. Blown fuse in the positive battery wire of the AMT12
  2. Faulty or poor connection on the battery or LPCA
  3. Low or no output voltage from the battery

Corrective Action

  1. Remove the power from the unit and remove the lift fuse from the inline fuse holder on the positive battery cable
    • Measure the fuse with an ohmmeter (multimeter), the fuse should read approximately 1 ohm or less
      • If the reading is significantly high, replace the fuse
      • If the fuse is open, refer to the next solution before you continue
  2. Check the connector of the battery cable for shorts or poor connections
  3. Enter the diagnostic program per procedure, P80 Settings, or Accessing the P30 Diagnostic Software
    • Using the diagnostic program allows you to test the incline system without continuously pedaling the unit if you have an external power supply
      • Otherwise, you will need to continue to pedal the unit
    • Connect a DC voltmeter to the J3 connector on the lower PCA as follows: voltmeter common lead to terminal 3 (black wire) and voltmeter "hot" lead to terminal 2 (red wire)
    • Using the STRIDE HEIGHT Up and Down keys, operate the incline
      • The voltmeter should read about +12VDC when the incline is instructed to move upward and about -12VDC when the incline is instructed to move downward
    • If either voltage measurement is significantly low, replace the battery
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