Error 6 on a Trotter 685 and 900T treadmill

Probable Cause

This could be the result of a badly worn motor brush or a faulty motor controller.

Corrective Action

  1. Inspect the motor brushes. They should have a smooth surface free of any nicks, notches, or cracks. Some motor brushes are marked with a wear line; however, any length shorter than 3/8" becomes questionable. Replace the motor brushes as necessary.
    1. If Error 6 is still present after inspecting or replacing the motor brushes, check the resistance of the drive motor. Using an ohmmeter, at TB1 of the lower board or pins 3 and 4 with motor connection unplugged; check for resistance of 1 -2 ohms. If the proper reading does not occur, check the drive motor wiring and plugs to ensure there are good connections. (If any adjustments are required, reset power to the unit and check for error.) If the proper resistance reading does occur, then the motor controller should be replaced.
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