The battery on my unit is dead. What could be the cause?


Are you tired of dealing with a dead machine or blank display? Sportsmith can help!

The following information is some of the possible causes for a dead battery in your machine.

The battery has lost its ability to hold a charge

  • In this instance, you may be able to recharge your battery, but it may not hold the charge for long.
  • This is sometimes referred to as a dead cell.

The charging system on the unit has failed

  • When this happens, replacing your battery may correct your issue, but only for a short time.
  • Once the battery is below the required voltage, you will be right back at step one.

A stuck key on the display is causing a constant draw from the battery

  • This will cause a constant draw on the battery.
  • This draw drains the battery and will eventually cause a blank display.
  • This is the same effect if your console display stays on instead of timing out and powering off.

In all three of the above examples, the battery may need to be replaced and not just recharged. That is after the faulty component is discovered and replaced.

Sportsmith has several different batteries available. Some of the charging components are also available depending on the model and the serial number of your machine. Visit our Equipment Parts to easily find what you need.

Thanks for your support during our 20+ years in the business!

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