The display on my unit won’t light up. What could be wrong?


The display on your machine won't light up. Learn what could be wrong and how you can fix it.

No Power Issues: AKA- Dead, No Display, Blank Display, Dead Console, Blank Console

Covering the Basics of No Power:

  • If the unit uses a battery: Check the battery voltage.
    • The battery should be charged or replaced if the voltage is not to proper specification.
  • If the unit uses a power cord -
    • Verify proper voltage from the wall outlet.
      • Test wall outlet by plugging a known working item [such as lamp, fan, etc.] into outlet and verify its operation.
        • If the wall outlet is not providing proper voltage, check the building circuit breaker and or call an electrician.
        • If the wall outlet is providing proper voltage, inspect the power cord.
    • Verify the power cord is in good condition.
      • Inspect for broken prongs, nicks, frays, or cuts in the cord.
      • Test power cord by swapping with a known good power cord and testing operation.
  • Check fuses.
  • Check cable connections.
  • Check continuity in data cable from display electronics to lower electronics.
  • Swap display with a known working display.
    • If the problem follows, replace the display.
  • Swap lower electronics with known working lower electronics.
    • If the problem follows, replace lower electronics.
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