Understanding Cable Diameter for Cable used on Strength Equipment


Replacement cables for strength equipment require an understanding of how to measure the diameter of the cable in order to get the proper replacement. It is common for people to order the incorrect cable size because they do not understand the measurements. If you find yourself needing to replace a cable on strength equipment, you need to measure the cable diameter.

The cable is manufactured with a nylon coating around the wire rope. Cable fittings require that the cable be stripped (meaning the nylon coating removed) in order for the fitting to be crimped onto the cable. It is important that you make a note of whether the diameter you measured includes the nylon coating.

Sportsmith offers both the cable (wire rope) diameter as well as the coated diameter (wire rope including the nylon coating), in order to help you identify the proper replacement.

  • Example: 3/16” cable is actually 1/8” cable (wire rope) coated to 3/16” (coated diameter).
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