How Do I Calibrate the Lift Motor on My Landice 8700 Treadmill?

The first step is to access the treadmill's diagnostics mode.  To do this press OFF to turn the treadmill off,  next hold START, and DISPLAY at the same time.  Visually confirm the treadmill is level (0%), the potentiometer should read between 1 and 4 in the selectable display window.  If the setting is incorrect, follow these steps.  

  1. Turn the post of the potentiometer all the way CLOCKWISE. 
  2. Slowly turn the potentiometer COUNTER-CLOCKWISE until the setting is correct.  Carefully install the potentiometer into the motor housing.

  Tech Tip

The setting may vary when inserting the potentiometer into the motor.  As long as the change is minimal, fine adjustment can be achieved after the potentiometer is secure in the motor housing.

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