Loud Noise from LifeFitness Exercise Bike During Exercise, 95CW, 95Ce and 95Ci

Probable Cause

  1. Non-carpeted, hard surface floor.
  2. Improper riding style.
  3. Crank bearings are worn.
  4. The alternator belt is excessively loose.
  5. The alternator belt is worn.
  6. Malfunctioning alternator.
  7. The drive belt is excessively loose.
  8. Free-wheel pulley assembly.

Corrective Action

  1. Place Exercise Bike upon a softer, surfaced floor.
  2. Change style. Do not lean excessively to either side.
  3. Inspect bearings. Replace as necessary.
  4. Inspect belt deflection. Alternator belt deflection: 1/4 inch (6mm). Adjust as necessary.
  5. Replace belt. Operate exercise bike as in normal use with light and heavy load levels. Listen for excessive noise.
  6. Test Alternator output or, test with substitute Alternator.
    1. Alternator Voltage Test: 1
      1. Attach DC voltmeter to Alternator.
        1. Voltmeter positive (+) probe to Alternator red lead.
        2. Voltmeter negative (-) lead to Alternator black lead.
      2. Maintain pedal speed greater than 45 RPM.
      3. Press START key.
        1. Alternator Voltage Specification: 9 - 11 VDC when pedal speed greater than 45 RPM.
      4. Replace malfunctioning Alternator.
  7. Inspect belt. Replace belt.
  8. Inspect clutch for free rotation. Replace defective freewheel pulley assembly.
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