Console Flashing Prompt on LifeFitness 95Ce,95CW and 95Ci Bikes

Probable Cause

  1. Attempting to enter an improper duration of time.
  2. Malfunctioning Display Console.

Corrective Action

  1. Time duration requirements need to be met for the workout desired.
    1 to 9 minutes (available only if Power Assist option is enabled): A workout with a duration of less than 10 minutes is insufficient for the Hill program to complete all four phases adequately. The program, therefore, condenses a workout of this duration at various stages.
    10 to 19 minutes: The interval durations initially are set at 30 seconds for a 10-minute workout. For every minute added by the user "on the fly", each interval increases by three seconds. A 15-minute workout consists of 20 intervals at 45 seconds each.
    20 to 99 minutes: All intervals last 60 seconds. If the user adds minutes to the pre-set duration while the workout is in progress, the program adds hills and valleys that are identical to the first eight intervals of the Interval Training phase. This pattern repeats until the workout is completed.
  2. Test with substitute Display Console.
    If equipped, test with a working display console. Replace malfunctioning Display Console.
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