How to Replace the Belt and Deck on LifeFitness 9700, 9100 and 9500 Next Gen Treadmills



  • Hex key wrench set
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Phillips screwdriver
  1. Turn the unit off at the power switch and unplug from the outlet.
  2. Remove the motor shroud cover by taking out the (4) Phillips screws.
  3. Remove the (4) screws from the rear roller guards and remove them.
  4. Take out tension bolts (2) from the rear roller. This is done by turning counterclockwise. Be sure to count the number of turns used to remove, so that it will allow for a closer target of belt tension on the newly installed belt.
  5. Remove the rear roller.
  6. Take out the deck screws (4) and remove the deck.
  7. Take out Phillips screws (2) from the right access panel. Remove the anti-static tinsel.
  8. Take off the wax bracket and lay it on top of the deck springs on the user's left side of the treadmill.
  9. Let off the tension on the idler arm bracket pulley and slide the drive belt off the front roller.
  10. Remove the mounting bolt to the front roller and take out the front roller.
  11. Take off the walking belt.
  12. Reinstall the new belt after flipping the deck or installing new. Be sure that the arrow (if on the underside of the belt) is pointing in direction of belt rotation. Reinstall going backward through the steps, and adding the following:
  13. Set belt at the center of the front and rear rollers. Tighten the tension bolts to the number of turns counted at removal. If no counts were taken, tighten bolts until the middle stretch of the belt is tight between the rollers.
  14. Set proper tension by applying ¼ turn to each tension bolt and rotating between bolts at each turn.
  15. Once proper tension is set, adjust the tracking of the belt.
  16. Update your maintenance menu to reflect the services performed.
    1. Access DIAGNOSTICS by holding PAUSE while power is given, or by holding PAUSE and pressing CLEAR two times while holding the PAUSE key. It should take a few seconds for the DIAGNOSTICS to appear.
    2. You will then scroll through the menu with arrow keys until MAINTENANCE appears.
    3. Press ENTER when the repair title needed appears. If the log is successful, a message of REPAIR LOGGED will show on display.
    4. You can then hit CLEAR to exit.
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