How to Replace a Handrail on Stairmaster 4000PT


Tools Required:

  • Socket Wrench and Extension
  • Socket Set


  1. Remove power from the machine by unplugging the unit from the wall.
  2. Disconnect the cable to the console. Unscrew the main cable connector from the receptacle on the backside of the console. Unplug the cable from the console.
  3. Unscrew the four console mounting screws and remove the console from the machine.
  4. Lift the rear tube of the frame. Tip the machine forward so it is resting on the front portion of the frame.
  5. Using the socket wrench and extension, remove the two bolts that hold the handrail (handlebar) to the frame tube.
  6. Stand the machine upright and remove the four bolts that secure the handrail (handlebar) to the mainframe near the console mount.
  7. Remove the handrail (handlebar) from the frame.
  8. Reverse the removal procedures to reinstall the handrail (handlebar).
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