How to Replace Pedal Arm Return Spring on Stairmaster 4000PT


Learn How To Replace a Spring on Stairmaster 4000PT stepper.


  • Phillips or Flathead Screwdriver


  1. Remove the plastic cover.
  2. Unhook the pedal arm return spring from the spring hanger.
  3. Detach the spring from the step chain by removing the master link.
    1. The spring-chain connector is in good condition if it has an hourglass shape.
      1. Replace a worn spring-chain connector.
  4. Check to ensure that the spring pulley turns freely and is not worn excessively.
    1. Refer to the "Spring Pulley" section if you have to replace the pulley.
  5. To reinstall the spring, connect it to the end of the step chain using the master link.
  6. Route the spring under the spring pulley.
  7. Hook the end of the pedal arm return spring onto the spring hanger. CAUTION: Do not twist the spring during installation. It will wear excessively and reduce the life of the spring.
  8. Reinstall the covers. 
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