How to Replace the Covers on a Stairmaster 4000PT


Learn how to replace the covers on the Stairmaster 4000PT stairclimber stepper.

NOTICE: To Reduce the Risk of Injury, DO NOT operate the machine while the covers are removed.


  • Phillips Screwdriver


Each side cover is secured to the mainframe of the machine with 3 quarter-turn fasteners. These fasteners are found 2 in the top of the side panel and 1 in the lower portion of the panel near the floor.

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the right-side panel.
    1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the lower fastener by turning it counterclockwise one-quarter of a full turn.
      1. The fastener will remain attached to the panel when the screwdriver is removed.
  2. Support the panel while removing the 2 top fasteners the same way the single lower fastener was removed.
  3. Carefully lower the side panel to the floor and unplug the internal power connector (right side only).
  4. Once all 3 fasteners have been removed and the internal power connector has been disconnected (right side only) you may remove the panel from the machine.


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