Stairmaster 4000PT Resistance Test, Paper Clip Trick

The following test will help to determine if the cause of no resistance on your Stairmaster 4000PT stepper is the console. By performing the following test, the console is eliminated from the electrical circuit. If resistance is present when the test is performed, the console is bad.

Paper Clip Trick

  1. First UNPLUG YOUR MACHINE from the wall, then disconnect the grey cable from the back of the console.
  2. If your cable is a 6-pin round connector or a 9-pin square connector, using a paper clip formed into a "U" shape, insert the ends of the paper clip in pin sockets #2 and #4.  Then you will need to plug the power cord back in and start stepping.  You should experience full pedal resistance.
  3. If there is still no pedal resistance, UNPLUG YOUR MACHINE from the wall and disconnect the wire from an end of the load resistor so that there is no wire attached to that end. Then plug the power cord back in and perform the paper clip test again. If resistance is present, the load resistor needs to be replaced. If resistance is not present, either the gray cable or the alternator is bad.
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