How to Perform a Speed Test on Stairmaster 4000PT


Use this test to verify the electronic speed control routines of the console of your Stairmaster 4000PT stepper. 

You will need to briefly exercise on the machine for this test.


  1. Press 3 to start the test.
  2. The console will be set at a certain speed. 
    1. The alternator speed, in RPM, is displayed on the text bar as "Target" and a single column of lights will light up on the left side of the display.
  3. Begin exercising. 
    1. As you move the pedal arms, the text bar will alternately show the actual RPM and the target RPM.
  4. Press CLEAR to return to the DIAGNOSTIC mode.

This completes how to perform a speed test on the Stairmaster 4000PT.

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