Things to Check if Console on Stairmaster Powers Up and Flashes Off at Start of Program

Is the console on your Stairmaster flashing off when you start a program? Learn the possible cause and actions you can take to solve this problem.

Probable Cause

  1. Power supply not supplying proper voltage
  2. Bad power harness
  3. Console

Corrective Action

  1. Check the voltage output from your power supply.
    1. You should be getting a reading between 12 volts DC and 19 volts DC.
  2. Check the main power harness. There should be black, white, and green wires.
    1. Check presence, condition, and continuity.
  3. If these two things check out, trace the power all the way to the console.
  4. If power is making it all the way to the console but it will not stay powered on without flashing, then it is at this point you have confirmed that the console is the issue.


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