How to Replace the Relay Board on a Stairmaster Gauntlet

We discuss how to replace the relay board on the Stairmaster Gauntlet. Due to the age of the machine, a new replacement of the original relay board for Gauntlet is no longer available.

Have no fear!

If the relay board on the Stairmaster Gauntlet needs to be replaced, the relay board used on the Stairmaster 7000PT can be used as a replacement with some modification to the board.

Below is a description of the modification required and a diagram of the board with the modification made.

Modification Required:

A jumper will need to be soldered at Test Points 5 (GRD BLK) and 6 (GRN).


  • Using a short piece of 16 AWG gauge wire, place wire through holes of test points and solder in place.
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