Treadmill Console Codes for Stairmaster, 2100LE and 2100LC, Diagnose and Test

These are the console codes for the Stairmaster 2100LE and 2100LC treadmills. Codes can be used to get information about the treadmill performance that is helpful to diagnose issues with the machine.

Console codes are also used to customize the settings and perform helpful tests when troubleshooting.


Clear, 20, ENTER User weight
Clear, 22, ENTER Exercise time
Clear, 23, ENTER User age
Clear, 24, ENTER Target heart rate
Clear, 25, ENTER Speed
Clear, 27, ENTER Cooldown time
Clear, 28, ENTER Quick start
Clear, 29, ENTER Decline
Clear, 30, ENTER Change time limit
Clear, 31, ENTER Change units
Clear, 32, ENTER Choose the type of heart rate input
Clear, 34, ENTER Choose language
Clear, 35, ENTER Change contrast (2100LC models only)
Clear, 36, ENTER Change speed limit
Clear, 37, ENTER Side lights
Clear, 38, ENTER Enable magnetic key
Clear, 39, ENTER Reset factory defaults
Clear, 40, ENTER Display machine run time in hours
Clear, 41, ENTER Display number of workouts
Clear, 42, ENTER Display distance traveled
Clear, 43, ENTER Display software revision
Clear, 44, ENTER Configuration
Clear, 45, ENTER Drive board version
Clear, 46, ENTER Display machine run time in hours since last cleared
Clear, 47, ENTER Displays program usage
Clear, 60, ENTER Display test
Clear, 61, ENTER Key test
Clear, 62, ENTER Serial port test
Clear, 68, ENTER Reports drive BUS voltage
Clear, 69, ENTER Reports grade POT voltage
Clear, 71, ENTER Reset service time
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