Elevation Calibration Console Code for StarTrac 4000 Treadmill

  1. Press and hold the "0","1" & "START" keys together (or the "0","2" & "START"). While holding the "0" & "START" keys down, release the "1" (or 2) key.
  2. The display will beep and display SETTINGS (or CONFIGURE) momentarily, then UNITS will be displayed.
  3. Press and release the "8" key.
  4. Display will read XXX 3 .0 (XXX is a variable number depending on what % elevation the treadmill is at). Press Elevation UP or DOWN key until XXX 3.0 reads: 240 3 .0
  5. Press the "0" key once, the letter Z will be displayed for the 0% setting, pressing the "0" key a second time the letter M will be displayed for the 15% setting.
  6. Press the "SHIFT" key to save the above elevation.
  7. Press the "STOP" key to exit Motor Test.


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