Performing a Motor Test on a StarTrac 4000 Treadmill

CAUTION: Do not stand on the running belt while performing these tests.

To engage Motor Test Mode:

  1. Press and hold the "0","1" & "START" keys together (or the "0","2" & "START"). While holding the "0" & "START" keys down, release the "1" (or 2) key.
  2. The display will beep and display SETTINGS (or CONFIGURE) momentarily, then UNITS will be displayed.
  3. Press and release the "8" key.
  4. Display will read: XXX 3 .0 (if treadmill is at 0% incline, display will read: 240 3 .0

An alternative method to engage Motor Test Mode:

  1. Turn the power switch on while pressing the "8" key simultaneously on the display.
  2. Display will read XXX 3 .0 (if treadmill is at 0% incline, display will read: 240 3 .0

Once the treadmill is in TEST Mode, you may use the following keys:

  • INCLINE UP/DOWN KEY: Adjust voltage to incline motor, inclines the treadmill in increments of 1%.
    CAUTION: Do not elevate treadmill above 15% = 57 (110v units), 80 (220v units) or below 0% = 240 (110 & 220v units) mechanical damage may occur.
  • +/- SPEED KEY: Adjust the PWM duty cycle and motor speed up and down, respectively, in increments of 0.1 mph (UNITS=English) or 0.1 km/hr (UNITS=Metric)
  • START (ENTER KEY): Starts burn-in mode. (Burn-in mode is a continuous operation of running belt and incline using program 8 at maximum speed.) Press STOP KEY to stop burn-in.
  • STOP KEY: Exits MOTOR TEST Mode and restarts the treadmill.
  • 0 (ZERO) KEY: Selects letter Z = 0% or M = 15% following elevation (incline) data numeral, to change to a new ELZERO or ELMAX setting.
  • SHIFT KEY: Saves the elevation (incline) data in the EPROM (software)
  • HEART KEY: Starts automatic calibration of MN PWM (minimum) ½ MX (half maximum) MX PWM (maximum) for minimum and maximum speed range.
    Calibration lasts less than 3 minutes; the belt will be in motion during this test.
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