Maintenance Mode Access on StarTrac 4500 Treadmill

To engage Maintenance Mode:

  1. Press and hold the "0", "2" & "START" keys together. While holding the "0" & "START" keys down, release the "2" key only.
  2. The display will beep and display MAINTENANCE momentarily, then UNITS will be displayed.

Once the treadmill is in Maintenance Mode, you may use the following keys:

  • INCLINE UP/DOWN KEY: Displays the next or previous parameter.
  • -/+ SPEED KEYS: Allows the variable to be changed within the parameter.
  • START (ENTER KEY): Saves the value if it has been changed in the EPROM (software).
    Note: ENTER KEY must be pressed, for each value changed.
  • STOP KEY: Exists Manager Mode and restarts the treadmill with a "warm start."
  • 0 – 9 KEYS: Enters new parameter values. If the UNITS parameter is displayed, key "5" starts DISPLAY TEST and key 8 starts MOTOR TEST.
  • HEART KEY: When pressed will automatically display the manufactures default value.
    Note: ENTER KEY must be pressed, save the default values if changed.


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