How to Access Motor Test Mode on a StarTrac 4500 Treadmill

Caution: Do not stand on the running belt while performing these tests.

Engage Motor Test Mode:

  1. Press and hold the "0", "2" & "START" keys together. While holding the "0"& "START", release the "2".
  2. Press and release the "8" key. Display will read: 240 3 .0 (if treadmill is at 0% incline).

An alternative method to enter Motor Test Mode:

  1. Turn the power switch on while pressing the "8" key simultaneously on the display.
240 3 .0
Elevation motor range PWM Duty Cycle RPM Sensor Feedback


Once the treadmill is in TEST Mode, you may use the following keys:

  • INCLINE UP/DOWN KEY: Adjust voltage to incline motor, inclines the treadmill in increments of 1%. When using the Incline Keys verify the elevation system is responding correctly by the following:
    • As the treadmill elevates up and down verify the corresponding LEDs light up on the MCB.
    • Verify that the Elevation Motor Range (see above table) is changing in increments of 1% as the treadmill elevates up and down.

      Caution: Do not elevate treadmill above 15% = 57 (110v units), 80 (220v units) or below 0% = 240 (110 & 220v units) mechanical damage may occur.

    • - / +SPEED KEYS: Adjust the PWM Duty Cycle and motor speed up and down, respectively, in increments of 0.1 mph (UNITS=English) or 0.1km/hr (UNITS = Metric). When using the Speed Keys verify the speed control system is responding correctly by the following:

      • As the treadmill begins to increase speed, verify that the display registers RPM Sensor feedback in increments of 0.1 mph/km.

  • START KEY: Starts burn-in mode (continuous operation of running belt and incline using program 8 at maximum speed). Press STOP KEY to terminate burn-in mode.

  • STOP KEY: Exits MOTOR TEST Mode and restarts the treadmill.

  • HEART KEY: Starts automatic calibration of minimum, 1/2 maximum, & maximum speed.


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