Clearing a Rewax Belt or Service Deck Message on StarTrac Treadmills


To clear this message from Pro, 4500, and 4000 series follow this procedure:

  1. Enter the maintenance mode by pressing and holding the "0", "2", and "start" keys at the same time, then release the "start" key. 
  2. Once in maintenance mode, use the incline down key to scroll to the parameter "LST DCK".  4500, 4000 models press the "heart" key once. 
  3. The display will read "updating" then press the "stop" key. 

Pro Treads use the same steps as the 4500, use the "Alpine" key in place of the "heart" key. 

The 3900 and 3500 procedures are as follows:

  1. Press the "TIME", "DISTANCE", "SPEED" keys altogether for a few seconds.  If the Rewax LED does not turn off, follow the next steps. 
  2. Remove the display from the unit, on the circuit board, there are dip switches.
  3. Locate dip switch #7 and flip it once in the opposite position.  This will reset the Rewax LED.
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