How to Access Diagnostics on Trotter 900T and 685 Treadmills

To access the diagnostic test mode on the Cybex 900T and Trotter 685 treadmills, they need to be in dormant mode.

The following options are available through the diagnostic test mode:

  • Program Revision Level
  • Dynamic Tests
  • LED Test
  • Tone Generator Test
  • Overlay Test
  • DMD Cable Check
  • C-Safe / RS-232 Port Check
  • Clear Error Message
  • Error Log
  • Clear Error Log
  • Total Mileage
  • Total Hours
  • Number of Starts
  • "Out of Order" Display Mode
  • Display Base ID and Version Number
  • Exit Diagnostics

Diagnostic mode is entered by pressing 9, 9, 9, ENTER on the display keypad. The display will scroll from right to left with the first diagnostic test title. Using the + or – key, you can scan through the diagnostic options until the appropriate option is found. Once the correct option is displayed on the screen, you'll press ENTER to begin the test. Once the test has been performed you can either select another test to perform or exit the diagnostic mode. You may exit by either pressing CLEAR or scrolling through the options until EXIT DIAGNOSTICS appears on the display. You can then press ENTER to exit.

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