No RPM Feedback on True Treadmills, 600, 650, 700, 725 and 750


True Treadmill 600/650/700/725/750 Series and No RPM Feedback

If you experience no rpm feedback on your True 600, 650, 700, 725, or 750 series treadmill, check the following:

  • Speed Sensor
    • The gap between the speed sensor and the pulley on the front roller should be 0.020" – 0.030" (about the thickness of a credit card). Adjust if necessary
  • Dust build-up
    • The speed sensor and the magnets on the front roller pulley should both be free of dust or debris. Clean if necessary
  • Calibration
    • If the speed sensor gap is good and you are still experiencing issues with rpm feedback, you may want to recalibrate the machine. See your owner/service manual for the calibration procedure.
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