Video of How to Use a Crank Puller Tool

This video will demonstrate how to use a crank arm puller tool to remove the crank arm from an indoor cycle.

Tools Required:

  • Cotterless Crank Puller Tool
  • 7/8" Wrench
  • Socket for crank bolt removal (usually a 9/16 inch or 15mm)

  Tech Tip

Remove the crank arm bolt before installing the crank arm puller.


  1. To begin you must remove the crank arm bolt.
  2. Thread the puller into the crank arm as far as possible by hand. Use a wrench if needed to install the outer piece of the puller in several threads.
  3. Hold the threads of the tool in one hand.
  4. Turn the handle with your other hand to adjust the shaft inside the tool outward. This will allow the tool to seat into the crank arm as far as possible.
  5. Using a 7/8 inch wrench turn the crank puller as far into the crank arm as possible. CAUTION: If you only finger tighten the tool you risk damaging the tool and the crank arm.
  6. Turn the handle of the crank arm puller clockwise to press the arm off of the bottom bracket spindle.
  7. After the arm comes off the spindle hold it in place to use the wrench and remove the tool from the crank arm. It can be difficult to remove the tool otherwise.
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