How to Restore Felt Brake Pads on Indoor Cycles

Learn from Sportsmith how to restore worn and or glazed felt brake pads

Tools Required

  • Clean, hard bristle wire brush
  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • Silicone spray lube.

Replacing the brake pads on your Schwinn Indoor Cycle due to loud squealing is not the only solution. You can bring that old pad back to life as long as it has a good thick felt that doesn't crumble off during the restoration process.

If the pads must be replaced, the following process will also prolong the life of the new pads.

  • Remove and inspect the pads. If the pads still have plenty of felt, the squealing is probably due to the hardening or glazing of the felt pads
  • End that annoying squeal by roughing up the felt pad with a clean, hard bristle wire brush
  • Once the felt has been roughed up, trim any excess felt from around the edges
  • Then saturate the felt with silicone spray
  • Re-install the pads and you are back in business!

Note: If your brake pads are Leather instead of Felt, check out our article about treating Leather Brake Pads.

Have you read this far and decided you would rather just replace the brake pad? Check out our huge selection!



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