Keiser Bike Video, Keiser M3 L-Handle Install and Adjustment

This video will demonstrate how to properly install, adjust and lubricate the L-handle on your Keiser M3 or M3+ indoor cycles.


  • 5mm Allen Wrench


  • When installing the L-handle, lubricate the threads; apply a small amount of heavy grease, such as Superlube, to the threaded portion of the handle
  • On the slider, you will notice the notch that acts as a catch for the handle to prevent it from being over tightened
    • It is important that you install the slider with the notch toward the rear of the indoor cycle
  • Next, install the red threaded portion by hand
    • Once you have installed it by hand make sure that the handlebars are tight before performing the next step
      • If they are not, turn the threaded portion a bit more before performing the next step
  • Now install the handle and screw with the washer by hand, making sure the handle is just past halfway of its range of motion as shown in the video
  • Then finish tightening it using your 5mm Allen wrench
  • At this point, you should be able to tighten the handle a little more, or you can turn it in the other direction and your handlebars will slide smoothly
    • This should keep people from over-tightening the handles and breaking them
  • This completes our demonstration of the install, lubrication, and adjustment of the L-handle on Keiser M3 or M3+ bikes
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