Keiser M3+ Computer Battery Replacement

Keiser M3+ Computer Battery Replacement Video

  • This covers how to replace the batteries in your Keiser M3+ indoor cycle computer
  • Tools needed:
    • Phillips screwdriver
  • To begin, move the handlebars all the way in to keep them out of the way
  • With your Phillips screwdriver, remove the screw on the back of the computer
  • Now you can lean the computer forward and see the batteries
    • Be careful not to pull the computer too hard, as you can damage the wire connected to the sensor
  • Remove the batteries and replace them
    • We recommend you replace the batteries in all your indoor cycles at the same time
  • Once the batteries are replaced carefully tilt the computer back into place
    • Be careful not to damage the wire during installation
  • Re-install the screw into the back of the computer
  • This completes the replacement of the computer battery for the Keiser M3+
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