How to Adjust the Smart Release on Schwinn Bikes

In this video, we are going to show you how to properly use the smart release system on your Schwinn AC Bike. The smart release system is a feature designed to improve rider safety by allowing the pedals to stop moving, while the flywheel continues to spin. This can be a great safety feature for the user and is also very helpful if you have any unsupervised bikes.

  • Many people tend to over tighten or "lockout" the system without realizing they are neutralizing a safety feature of their bike
  • On a typical flywheel design or a smart release design that has been over tightened the rider can be injured if a foot comes off of the pedal while they are turning at a moderate to high rpm and the pedals are being driven by the flywheel
  • With a properly adjusted smart release system, you can minimize injuries and ensure rider safety
  • To properly adjust your smart release you should start by riding the bike and making the flywheel break free to learn where the adjustment is currently set
    • To do so, ride the bike some then stop your feet to try and make the flywheel move without your feet moving
      • It may be necessary to have someone turn the flywheel in the forward direction while you are holding the pedals to keep them from turning
  • The chain guard is removed for ease of illustration
  • Spin the flywheel until the hole in the smart release adjustment ring is visible from the front of the bike and lock the brake assembly or hold the flywheel to keep it from spinning
  • Insert a long Phillips screwdriver into the hole on the ring
    • To give the system more slip move the screwdriver down toward the bottom of the flywheel
    • To increase the resistance move the screwdriver up toward the top of the flywheel
  • Proper set tension can be checked by turning the right side pedal to the nine o'clock position and carefully placing a 45-pound dumbbell or weight on the pedal
    • The pedal should break away from the flywheel and lower the dumbbell or weight
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