Precor Elliptical Ramp Sleeve Installation

In this video, we demonstrate how to install a ramp sleeve onto a Precor elliptical

Tools Required

  • Bungee or Piece of String
  • Wet Soapy Cloth* or Paper Towel*
  • Clean Dry Cloth


  • Use a wet soapy cloth* or paper towel* to clean the surface of the ramp, making sure it is free of all dirt and debris
  • The ramp surface needs to be completely dry before applying the ramp sleeve
  • This is a very cost-effective way to get more life out of your ramp assembly
  • Once the ramp assembly is clean and dry, remove the paper from the two-sided tape on the ramp sleeve and place the sleeve onto the ramp assembly by holding the sleeve at an up angle and aligning the bottom edge before pressing the ramp sleeve into the ramp assembly as shown in the video
  • Press firmly all over the sleeve to ensure it is completely fitted to the ramp assembly
  • Now you can remove the protective cover from the top of the ramp sleeve and let the pedal arm back down into position for use
  • Repeat steps to install the other ramp sleeve

*(non-citrus based cleaning agent - Precor approved cleaner is 30:1 solution of water and Simple Green®)

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